CFP: Iraq War Culture (5/15/06; collection)

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Joe Lockard
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Iraq War Culture - Edited Volume
Call for Papers

This is an edited volume of critical analyses of Iraq War culture. We are searching for 15-20 mid-length to longer essays (4000-8000 words) that explore the cultural origins, phenomena and effects of the war. The range of topical essays of possible interest include analyses of US evangelical and neo-conservative ideologies and their cultural manifestations; broadcast media representations of the war ('Over There', Fox, Military Channel); new media (Internet, blogs) and their political function; video-gaming Iraq and empire-building; cultural readings of US military and guerilla violence (Abu Ghraib, video executions); and treatments in print media, music, literature, drama, art, comedy and dance. The co-editors are interested in political essays that work to explain the revolving economy between violent imagery and US imperialism, as well as essays that highlight US cultural resistance against the Iraq War.

Essays including 100-150 word abstracts due May 15, 2006. Inquiries with abstracts concerning proposed papers are welcome. Use APA style, with endnotes and bibliography. Limited number of images possible.

Send essays or abstracts to both Cynthia Fuchs [ <>] (English, George Mason University) and Joe Lockard [] (English, Arizona State University).


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