CFP: Journal for the Study of Radicalism: Call for Book Reviewers (no deadline; journal)

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Mathew Joseph Bartkowiak
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The Journal for the Study of Radicalism is currently looking for potential
book reviewers for upcoming issues. Please send along contact information,
interest areas and a copy of your CV to:
Mathew J. Bartkowiak
Book Review Editor
Journal for the Study of Radicalism

The _Journal for the Study of Radicalism_ engages in serious, scholarly
exploration of the forms, representations, meanings, and historical
influences of radical social movements. With sensitivity and openness to
historical and cultural contexts of the term, we loosely define "radical,"
as distinguished from "reformers," to mean groups who seek revolutionary
alternatives to hegemonic social and political institutions, and who use
violent or non-violent means to resist authority and to bring about change.
The journal is eclectic, without dogma or strict political agenda, and
ranges broadly across social and political groups worldwide, whether
typically defined as "left" or "right." We expect contributors to come
from a wide range of fields and disciplines, including ethnography,
sociology, political science, literature, history, philosophy, critical
media studies,literary studies, religious studies, psychology, women's
studies, and critical race studies. We especially welcome articles that
reconceptualize definitions and theories of radicalism, feature
underrepresented radical groups, and introduce new
topics and methods of study.

Future issues will address themes such as the reconceptualization of
"left" and "right"; radical groups typically ignored in academic scholarship
such as deep ecologists, primitivists, and anarchists; the role of science
and technology in radical visions; transnational and regional understandings
of radicalism; and the relationships of radical movements to land and

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