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Redaktion JLT

Call for Papers
JLT-Journal of Literary Theory

Journal of Literary Theory

With the Journal of Literary Theory, a printed periodical devoted solely
to topics in literary theory will appear for the first time in German
language areas. The journal encompasses a variety of trends in literary
theory with an interdisciplinary orientation. It aims at combining
combine the different yet sometimes parallel-running debates in literary
theory in German speaking areas and at the same time offers a forum for
international research. JLT especially seeks exchange with related
disciplines interpreting texts and symbols, as well as with the
humanities, and will inquire their significance for the formation of
literary theory.

JLT appears twice a year. The articles will be published in English or
German. An internationally appointed advisory board will anonymously
evaluate the articles and select them for publication. Most of the
issues will focus on a special topic, to which at least three articles
will be dedicated. In addition, the journal will include further essays,
research reports and summaries of trends in theoretical debates in
related disciplines that might be of interest to literary scholars. The
central topics for the first issues are:
Issue 1 (2007): New developments in literary theory and related
Issue 2 (2007): Emotions
Issue 3 (2008): Interpretation
Issue 4 (2008): Pop culture

Call for Submissions

JLT seeks submissions for articles on topics in literary theory.
Especially requested are essays on fundamental problems in literary
studies, but also application-oriented studies with systematic cognitive
interests as well as research reports and summaries of developments in
literary studies in English and German. Submissions should be no longer
than 50,000 characters (including spaces).

Proposals for the planned issue on =93interpretation=94 should be sent =
May 1, 2007. =20

Please send to:=20


JLT-Journal of Literary Theory
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Seminar f=FCr Deutsche Philologie
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