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CFP: The Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods Library (Archives: no =

The Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods is owned and operated by the =
Woods Project. It provides the most comprehensive body of =
material available in one place. Opening in 1998, the Thoreau =
Library holds 8000 volumes, and upwards of 60,000 items that include
manuscripts, correspondence, periodicals, pamphlets, music, graphic =
maps, and personal histories. It is the mission of the Library to =
preserve and make available research materials relating to Thoreau, his
historical context, and his contemporary relevance to environmental and
human-rights issues.=20

The Thoreau Institute's increasing collections range from the =
Thoreau Society's collections, including the personal collection of the =
of Thoreau scholars, Walter Harding, to the environmental writings of =
Brooks and the social reform papers of Scott and Helen Nearing. =20

Some of the highlights of the collections include the recently =
thirty-six-leaf manuscript draft of Thoreau's "Sir Walter Raleigh" =
essay; an
original daguerreotype of Thoreau taken in 1856 in Worcester by =
Maxham; several Thoreau surveys; manuscript correspondence of several =
Thoreau's friends and contemporaries, including Franklin Sanborn, =
Gray Otis Blake, and Daniel Ricketson; documentation by archaeologist =
Robbins on his 1945 excavation of the Walden house site; original =
issues of
such periodicals as The Dial and =C6sthetic Papers; scarce Scott =
books, including his forthright 1929 expos=E9 of race relations, Black
America, and his 1912 book Woman and Social Progress, written with his =
wife, Nellie Seeds Nearing; and rare books of environmental literature, =
as Buffon's Natural History (1785), Gilpin's Remarks on Forest Scenery
(1834) and Knapp's Journal of a Naturalist (1830).=20

The library comes as close as possible to fulfilling Thoreau's own =
"I have sometimes imagined a library, i.e. a collection of the works of =
poets philosophers naturalists &c deposited not in a . . . marble =
edifice in
a crowded & dusty city . . . but rather far away in the depths of a
primitive forest." A library is not only a place for books and reading. =
is collective memory; it is memory collected. The materials that =
the collections document and preserve what has come before us. By =
the past we can see the present and envision the future.

We invited you - scholars, students, and authors - to place a copy of =
work relating to any aspect of Thoreau's life and legacy in the =
archives of
the Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods. Your work will be given a =
home in the world's most comprehensive collection of Thoreau-related
material. For more information on the Thoreau Institute, go to:, or contact the Curator at: = You
may send your work to: Jeffrey S. Cramer, Curator of Collections, The
Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods, 44 Baker Farm, Lincoln, MA =
All material sent becomes the property of the Walden Woods Project for
inclusion in its library at the Thoreau Institute. No material will be



Jeffrey S. Cramer, Curator of Collections=20
The Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods=20
44 Baker Farm, Lincoln, MA 01773-3004=20

The Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods is owned and managed by the =
Woods Project

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