UPDATE: Blues II, 8th Annual McCleary Interdisciplinary Symposium (2/21/06; 3/30/06-3/31/06)

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Sollars, Michael D.
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THE BLUES II: The Far Note
How does the Blues as an aesthetic
reach beyond the music,
and beyond the past?

Call for Papers: Update

8th Annual J. Marie McCleary Interdisciplinary Symposium
Texas Southern University
Houston, TX 77004
March 30-31, 2006

The Department of English and Foreign Languages at Texas Southern University
seeks papers for its interdisciplinary conference on its 2006 theme, "The
Blues II." We encourage interdisciplinary approaches and welcome proposals
that consider any facet of this topic. In addition to formal papers, we
encourage proposals for art displays, performances in music and drama,
panels, group discussions, short seminars, or workshops.

The notion of the Blues lies at the heart of how we mediate the world and
how it is mediated to us. Is the Blues relegated to history or is it a
meaningful part of the present and future of our culture? If we have come so
far, why are we still singing the Blues? In singing the Blues, are we
looking forward or backward? Is the aesthetic of the Blues still valid in
the 21st century? The nexus of the Blues and the world is ripe for
discussion, dissection, and deconstruction. How do the words, images, and
sounds of the Blues construct reality? How has our relationship to words and
images of the Blues changed over time? To what extent does writing about the
Blues transform its images? What can multi-media communication address that
other forms of communication cannot? How can words and images convey song,
dance, theatrical performance, and religious ritual?

Possible topics include:

* Performing Word and Image
* The Blues in Literature, Poetry, Film, and Stage
* What Do We Mean When We Say that the Blues Is Part of a Culture?
* Multi-Media Communication: Seeing, Hearing, Reading
* Ritual - Text - Memory
* Articulating the Ineffable
* Documents, Documentation, Documentary
* The Blues in Popular Culture
* Exhibitions/Performance
* The Aural, Visual, and Everyday Life
* The Ideology of the Image
* Iconography and Iconoclasm: Religious, Historical, and Political Reactions
to Word, Sound, and Image
* Cultural Icons, Cultural Memory

The deadline for proposals is February 21, 2006. E-mail abstracts of no more
than 200 words to Dr. Shirley Walker Moore, at moore_sw_at_tsu.edu
<mailto:moore_sw_at_tsu.edu> .

Dr. Shirley Walker Moore, Chair
Department of English & Foreign Languages
Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne
Houston, TX 77004

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