UPDATE: Title Effects: Writing Through Watershed (grad) (2/28/06; 4/1/06)

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Title Effects: Writing Through Watershed
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Graduate English Association Conference
Saturday, April 1, 2006

>From our distinct location in the midst of the Cape Fear watershed
region, we ask, "What does it mean to 'write through watershed'"? A
watershed is both a natural phenomenon and a figurative force. In its
literal meaning, "watershed" speaks to physical geography, rivers and
collective forces of confluence. Figuratively, "watershed" refers to
cultural geographies, periods of transformation and upheaval. The
other side of our conference theme, "Title Effects," plays on "tidal
effects," the physical resistance to a river's normal flow of current:
 the complete—though temporary—reversal of flow.

With these meanings in mind, we invite graduate and exceptional
undergraduate proposals addressing the literature that precedes,
inspires, or follows from "watershed" moments. We also seek studies
that address real, fictional, or figurative "title/tidal effects,"
including, but not limited to, issues of canon and genre formation,
their "regions" of confluence, their "flows" and effects of influence,
and the resistance to them. Other papers could investigate any of the
following questions:
§ What addresses, shapes, manifests, transforms, and breathes life
into culture?
§ Where is our culture headed?
§ What energies are collecting in and eroding our culture right now?
§ Who is this "our" of "our culture"?
Perhaps this conference will allow us to get beyond seeing culture's
"force and resistance" binaries and to explore possibilities for
cooperation that satisfies an entire population.

Please submit abstracts of 150-300 words by 5 pm, February 28, 2006,
via e-mail attachment as a Word document to uncwgea_at_gmail.com. Also,
please specify any audiovisual requirements within the body of the
e-mail. We welcome panel presentations as well as individual papers.
 Or, send abstracts by post to the following address:

Graduate English Association Conference
c/o Melinda Hollis
Morton Hall 106
601 South College Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28403

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