CFP: Beckett and the Thirties (France) (4/30/06; 10/20/06-10/21/06)

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Daniel Katz
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Beckett and the Thirties

October 20, 21, 2006
Paris, France

In celebration of the centenary of Samuel Beckett, the universities =20
of Paris III-Sorbonne nouvelle, Strasbourg II-Marc Bloch, and Paris =20
VII-Denis Diderot, are co-organizing the conference, =93Beckett and the =20=

Thirties,=94 to be held at the Ecole Normale Sup=E9rieure in Paris, =
where =20
Beckett held the post of =93lecteur=94 from 1928-1930.

As the title indicates, this conference will focus on the period of =20
1929-1939, and in particular on Beckett=92s relationship with both the =20=

city of Paris and French literary, philosophical, and intellectual =20
traditions and texts. At the same time, we wish to emphasize the =20
specificities of Beckett=92s work as an English-language writer during =20=

this time, which preceded his much more intensive use of French as =20
language of composition from the nineteen-forties onward. We would =20
also welcome considerations of Beckett=92s deeply formative encounters =20=

with German and Italian literature, philosophy, and art during this =20

Please send a short proposal (250 words maximum) and a short cv to =20
either Daniel Katz (, Carle Bonafous-Murat =20
(, or Ciaran Ross ( by April 30, =20
2006. Please mention =93Beckett and the Thirties=94 in your subject =20
line, and paste your text into the message rather than sending =20

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