CFP: TV Fiction Exchange (UK) (5/1/06; 9/5/06-9/8/06)

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TV Fiction Exchange: Local/Regional/National/Global.
An International Conference.

Contributors include:
Professor Ien Ang, University of Western Sydney
David Bianculli, NY Daily News television critic and author of
Dr David Lavery, Middle-State Tennessee University
Mark Lawson, Guardian television critic and writer

Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU Cheshire).
Dates: Tuesday 5 - Friday 8 September 2006.

TV Fiction Exchange: Local/Regional/National/Global aims to address
the impact of shifts in the circulation of fictions for the small
screen. The rapid developments in digital and satellite technologies
have opened up a global market for television in a horizontally-
integrated, multi-media environment with major impact upon product-
making and the cultures of reception. The conference aims to address
a core tension between the increasing tendency of multi-media
conglomerates to think globally at the macro-economic level and the
known preference for locally-inflected product at the local
reception level. It will look at how changes are affecting national
and regional television production and small screen fiction product
and how they are impacting in turn upon local, regional national –
or possibly trans-national – identities.

Coinciding with the official launch of the new international
journal, Critical Studies in Television
(, this conference, spanning
four days, aims to bring together academics, critics, students and
industry practitioners from different countries, regions and
language communities to discuss the seismic shifts in the industry
and culture of television.

The conference organisers are seeking papers on such topics as:
· Global TV drama: aesthetics and influence.
· Viewing and understanding cultural identities – global
and/or local?
· Trans-national television fictions (e.g. Spanish-language
· Local/regional/global TV production (esp. TV drama cultures;
TV product franchises; remakes of shows in different national TV
· Technological developments: television fictions and the
Internet and multi-media communications futures.
· Television and the Diaspora (viewing cultures; national and
cultural identities).
· The place of television fictions in global media network

We invite contributors to submit electronically an abstract of
approx. 500words, along with a short biography including postal
address, by Monday 1 May 2006 to the following: (Please send
enquiries to this address).

Conference organisers:
Professor Robin Nelson, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
Dr Janet McCabe, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
Professor Stephen Lacey, University of Glamorgan, UK.
Kim Akass, London Metropolitan University, UK.

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