UPDATE: Re-mapping the American South (UK) (3/1/06; 9/8/06-9/10/06)

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Sarah Robertson

Deadline extended:

A Two-Day Conference, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 8-1=
0 September, 2006.


Proposals for 20-minute presentations or panels of three to four presente=
rs are invited for a conference on Re-mapping the American South, to take=
 place at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 8-10 Septem=
ber, 2006.


William Faulkner believed that he would not live long enough to "exhaust"=
 the possibilities of his Yoknapatawpha County, his "own little postage s=
tamp of native soil". Whilst that "little postage stamp" may never be ful=
ly exhausted, recent studies of the American South explore the limitation=
s of focusing too closely on the region as a unique space. Rather, the em=
ergences of transatlantic and postcolonial theories have instigated discu=
ssions of the South in relation to other regions and cultures. Over two d=
ays the conference will explore the question of the American South in a g=
lobal context, examining links with Europe as well as the cross-cultural =
references between the region and South America and Asia. The event will =
encompass historical, literary and cultural perspectives.

            Re-mapping the American South notably takes in Bristol, one o=
f the major British ports involved in the Slave Trade. The conference wil=
l include a walking tour of Bristol's slavery sites, in addition to an op=
ening reception and dinner in one of Bristol's harbour-side restaurants. =



Suggested topics for discussion include, but are not limited to:


*=09Caribbean influences=20
*=09The migration of musical forms between the south and the rest of the =
*=09The legacy of the Slave Trade=20
*=09Asian immigration into the American South
*=09Transatlantic dialogues =20
*=09Poverty across regions
*=09The Civil War in a global context
*=09Postcolonial studies of the South
*=09Border crossings between the region and South America
*=09The Civil Rights Movement
*=09Modernization and Agrarianism


Please send individual proposals or panel suggestions, together with any =
other enquiries, to Dr Sarah Robertson (Sarah.Robertson_at_uwe.ac.uk). The d=
eadline for proposals is 1 March 2006.=20


Dr Sarah Robertson

University of the West of England

St Matthias Campus


BS16 2JP

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