CFP: Interactivity in Literature (4/15/06; MMLA, 11/9/06-11/12/06)

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Abducting the Interactive
Literary Work as a Communicational Artifact

A program of the Society for Critical Exchange
to be held at 48th Annual M/MLA Convention
November 9-12, 2006, Chicago, IL

Facing fierce competition from new media and new technologies, literature
finds itself under pressure of conforming to the equally new norms of
measuring value and meaning. It is almost taken for granted that the value
of a product, and thus the value of a work of art, is multiplied if that
product can be described as interactive. Can literature (or should it) take
claim of interactivity in order to make use of the new media? Can this
interactivity evolve past its push-button stage to become (at least in part)
synonymous with communication, collaboration, activism or wider cultural and
social engagement? The proposed set of linked panels will investigate and
define what interactivity is in terms of literature, and how communication
and collaboration are achieved through literature in the technology-oriented

Topics may include (but are not limited to):
interactivity in/of literary creation // hypertext - the pop-up book of
yesterday's tomorrow // action/interaction/reaction // interactivity
as/instead collaboration // literature of reactionism // activist writing //
"geek" literature // cgw - computer generated words // print media mettle //
print-on-demand - exploiting the literary supply // book club of the month
// blog - why read when you can write? // performance reading // your
favorite author no one has heard of // recycling literature //
environment-friendly literary consumption // literature as design vs.
literature as art // words lie, images don't // photo-shop lit // deserted
island's public library // copy & paste writing // authors' web-presence //
narrative in video games // fan-fiction - consume & create // gender &
interactivity // turn-page interactivity vs. mouse-click interactivity //
author & reader - the missing link // history of the (interactive) book //
reader as a consumer //author as a consumer // creating a bestseller -
interactive criticism // interactive theory?

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