CFP: Queer America (3/20/06; journal issue)

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AMERICAN@ is a peer reviewed e-journal dedicated to American Cultural and
Literary Studies. It hopes to provide an intellectual canvas where the cultural
spaces and experiences of American Studies are theorized and rigorously explored
within both global and local contingencies of the present and the past.

AMERICAN@ accepts submissions from all research fields related with American
Literature, Culture, Society and History. AMERICAN@ is currently accepting
paper submissions for its Spring-2006 issue. This issue will have focus on
Queerness in the American Continent:

        Silenced, hiding, half-hiding, badly hiding dissimulated, insinuated,
strongly asserted, censored or celebrated; queer voices have always been an
integral part of all cultures. Their artisitic manifestations count among the
most relevant works of art in all ages despite intense persecution. Queerness
penetrates all disciplines causing no little controversy and since a few
decades ago, wide theoretical research.

However, talking, acting, living and being queer is not only a matter of theory.
 The expression and (often self-imposed) silencing of queerness is a matter of
temporal progression towards (in)tolerance and of a varying scale of cultural
"permissiveness" that hasmuch to do with geographical borders. AMERICAN@ is
currently accepting acedemic papers on queer experience, theory ad
manifestations in the American continent--both North and South.


 AMERICAN@ welcomes papers that address these issues and/or related questions
such as:

Queer Politics and Politics dealing with Queerness.

Queer Philosophy and Philosophical Treatment of Queers.

Queer Repression and Expression.

Queer Aesthetics

Queer and Anti-Queer Ethics.

Religious Visions of Queerness

Queer Theory

Queerness and Biology

Queer and Straight Pyschology.

Queer Stereotypes

Queer Spaces.

Queer Market.

Queer Taboos

America's Queens


Please submit your original essays of 15 to 25 pages (4.000-7.000 words) and
(300-400 words) via e-mail as an attached document (Word format, MLA style) with

the subject "AMERICAN@ spring 2006" to:
Deadline for submissions: March 20, 2006
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