CFP: Tenure, Promotion and Textual Studies (3/10/06; CEA/MLA '06)

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Maura Ives
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MLA Annual Convention, Philadelphia, 27-30 December 2006=20

English faculty seeking tenure and promotion in recent years have faced =
numerous obstacles. Budget cuts at university presses render =
publication in traditional formats increasingly difficult, alternate =
forms of publication in electronic media continue to be devalued, and =
changes in copyright laws hinder access to, and publication of, primary =
materials that are essential for our research materials. Textual =
scholars, however, are especially at risk, for several reasons. Textual =
scholarship, especially in the form of scholarly editions, is expensive =
to publish; our innovations in electronic scholarship may not be =
recognized or appropriately rewarded; and the removal of primary =
sources from the public domain has had a devastating impact on several =
ongoing projects. The panel will address questions such as: how can =
individuals navigate this difficult terrain? what new strategies might =
we recommend to colleagues in the field who are seeking tenure and/or =
promotion? what can departments or professional organizations do to =

This panel is sponsored by the CEA (College English Association), an =
MLA affiliate organization. =20

Proposals (250 words) delivered via email by March 10, 2006, to Maura =
Ives, m-ives at tamu dot edu). Please include your name, =
institutional affiliation, email and snail mail contact information.

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