CFP: Western Literary Studies: Traditions, Trends, and Topics (7/15/06; collection)

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LIN, Jian-Zhong \(English\)
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Western Literary Studies: Traditions, Trends, and Topics is a collection =
of essays on literature in North America and Western Europe. The =
co-editors are seeking chapter authors from scholars and advanced Ph.D. =
students who are able to present an overview of scholarship in the =
chosen topic. All critical approaches are welcome.


The book has been tentatively scheduled for publication by Peking =
University Press at the end of 2006. Chapter authors must be able to =
send the final draft to the co-editors by July 15, 2006.


Because the readership is Chinese graduate and undergraduate students in =
literature majors, the book will be published in Chinese. Interested =
potential authors who lack proficiency in Chinese may team up with a =
colleague with an excellent command of the Chinese language.


Available chapters are:


1. =CE=C4=D1=A7=B5=C4=BD=E7=B6=A8 What is Literature? (assigned)

2. =CE=C4=D1=A7=D1=F9=CA=BD Literary Genres (assigned)

3. =D7=DA=BD=CC=D3=EB=CE=C4=D1=A7Religion and Literature

4. =D5=DC=D1=A7=D3=EB=CE=C4=D1=A7Philosophy and Literature

5. =D5=FE=D6=CE=D3=EB=CE=C4=D1=A7Politics and Literature

6. =D6=D6=D7=E5=D3=EB=CE=C4=D1=A7Race, Ethnicity, and Literature

7. =D0=D4=D2=E2=CA=B6=D3=EB=CE=C4=D1=A7Gender, Sexuality, and Literature

8. =BF=C6=BC=BC=D3=EB=CE=C4=D1=A7Science and Technology and Literature

9. =D5=BD=D5=F9=CE=C4=D1=A7War Literature

10. =
=A7Film, Television, Other Media, and Literature

11. =CE=C4=D1=A7=BD=CC=D3=FDLiterary Education

12. =B1=C8=BD=CF=CE=C4=D1=A7Comparative Literature

13. =D2=C6=C3=F1=CE=C4=D1=A7Diaspora Literature

14. =CE=C4=D1=A7=C0=ED=C2=DBLiterary Theories


For detailed information, please send=A1=AAas soon as possible=A1=AAa =
curriculum vita (no longer than 3 pages) and a narrative description of =
your specialty (300 words) in either Chinese or English to:


Jian-Zhong Lin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

Department of English

Eastern Connecticut State University

83 Windham Street

Willimantic, CT 06226


(860) 465-4547


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