UPDATE: Creation and Reality in the French Idiom (2/21/06; 3/24/06-3/25/06)

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SPFFA Colloque 2006
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                  DATE LIMITE REPOUSSEE AU 21 FEV 2006


                            Announces its Eighth International Colloquium

                                  "Creation and Reality in the French Idiom
                                    The Centennial of Léopold Sédar Senghor"

The Eighth International Colloquium of SPFFA ["Creation and Reality in
the French Idiom and The Centennial of Léopold Sédar Senghor"] will
take place on March 24 and 25, 2006.
The SPFFA [Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones] invites
professors and other scholars to submit by December 31, 2005 proposals
for papers to be presented at this [Eighth International] colloquium,
which will be held [on March 24 and 25] at Fordham University, Lincoln
Center Campus (New York).

The following sessions are already planned, and others may be added:

I. Senghor and the 20th Century: from Joal to Verson, the Senegalese
poet and statesman has lived on the decolonization of his continent in
an outstanding and striking way. An African and a world citizen, an
academician and one of the founding fathers of "Francophonie", a man
of culture, a champion of dialogue, he left History a legacy which
more than ever deserves to be all the more significantly emphasized
not only to better determine his itinerary, but to live through our
present and future world. In order to study the depth, the importance
and the development of Senghor's thought all along the celebration of
his first Centennial which will take place throughout the year 2006,
the colloquium will focus in detail upon such subjects as:
• Africa
• Colonialism and the independences
• The poet and essayist of Africa and the world
• Religion
• Humanism
• Political Institutions, democracy
• "Francographie"
• Dialogue of Cultures and Globalisation
• How Senghor is presently perceived

II. The European Union with 25 nations

III. Francophone writings, 3 sessions, concentrating upon the
following possible themes:

• The power of the diaspora
• The place of the common people in Francophone cultures
• Marginalized Francophone voices
• Quebec seen from France and from the US
• The idea of a Francophone "Canon"?
• Literature and Francophone cinema

IV. Writing the Feminine

V. Teaching and Technology

• Practical uses of technology in the classroom, the lab and at home
• Is technology responding to our needs?

VI. Cultural Relations between the Francophone World and the North America

VII. The multifarious voices of Quebec

VIII. Topics in French and francophone literature from the 16th to the 21st

Papers may be presented either in French or in English. They should be
planned to fit into one of the topics listed above, or others as they
are established. The number of participants in each session may be

Those interested in participating should submit, by Febraury 21, 2006,
the title of their paper, the session in which they would like to
participate, and a one-page resume double spaced (12 point) of the
proposed paper. These items, accompanied by a mailing address, a
telephone no., and an e-mail address, should be sent to:
                                 Organizing Committee for the 2006 Colloquium
                                                       FDR Station
                                                      PO Box 6026
                                              New York, NY 10150-6026

Or by e-mail to: spffa2006_at_gmail.com

Further information may also be obtained from www.spffa.net

Potential participants may or may not be members of the SPFFA when
they submit their proposals to the Organizing Committee. They will be
informed of the Committee's final decisions before February 21, 2006.
A selection of peer-reviewed articles based on papers given at the
eighth International Colloquium will be published in Nouvelles
Francographies, the journal of the SPFFA. Therefore, the definitive
written version of the papers presented at that colloquium should be
sent to the SPFFA with a 3.5 High Density diskette, preferably WORD,
before May 31, 2006 for publication in a special issue of "Nouvelles
Francographies" which is scheduled to appear in the Fall of 2006.

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