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        66: A Journal of Sonnet Studies, now in its nascent stages, is a
publication from the Boston area entirely devoted to the sonnet form,
not only in English, but in any other language in which it has
flourished. The journal will publish annually new sonnets of
exceptional merit, older sonnets that have been unjustly ignored by
past scholarship, and commentary on particular sonnets, as well as
papers/essays on any aspect of the form. The inaugural issue, set to
debut in August/September 2006, will be available in selected libraries
as well as for purchase online. The members of the editorial board
signed on to this project so that our knowledge of the sonnet form and
appreciation of its history and merits may be improved, and so that we
may act as responsible auditors and editors in directing the attention
of the reading public to worthwhile poets, poems, and aspects of poetry.

We are soliciting scholarly papers of approximately 3000 words,
pertaining to the sonnet form:
If necessary, abstracts may be submitted before April 1, 2006
All completed papers must be submitted by June 1, 2006
Papers should be sent to : 66: A Journal of Sonnet Studies
                                  c/o Laura Manuel
                                 Box 6286
                                  518 Park Dr.
                                  Boston, MA 02215
and all questions may be directed to

Laura Manuel, Zachary Bos, Emma Hawes

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