CFP: Pyschoanalysis, Literature, and Culture (grad) (3/1/06; EGSO, 4/22/06-4/23/06)

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EGSO Albany
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  Call for Panels and Papers: NEW DEADLINE 3/1/06
  The English Graduate Student Organization (EGSO) of the University at Albany, SUNY announces its annual graduate student conference Saturday April 22 and Sunday 23, 2006:
  Changing the Subject: Poesis, Praxis, and Theoria in the Humanities
  Robert Scholes is the Keynote Speaker, presenting a paper titled "Changing the Subject: Periodical Studies"
      In 1925 Freud wrote of his 1909 visit to America: "In Europe I felt as though I were despised; but over there I found myself received by the foremost men as an equal. As I stepped on to the platform at Worcester to deliver my Five Lectures on psychoanalysis it seemed like the realisation of some incredible day-dream: psychoanalysis was no longer a product of a delusion, it had become a valuable part of reality."
  Freud's "delusion" has not only become a reality--his psychoanalytic discourse emerged fervently in America after the turn of the century and contributed significantly to the Modernist aesthetic around the globe. However, what does psychoanalytic discourse, via Freud, Lacanian, or Zizek, have to tell us about literature and the ways in which the structure of the subject is revealed in texts? And how, in turn, do these texts invite and respond to such a reading? Central questions will address not merely the tension between Enlightenment traditions of the individual and nationalistic totality in any post-war period, but also the very conception of what nationality as a community means in cultures that incorporate so many rifts and splits.
  Papers and panels are sought that address any aspects of psychoanalysis, literature, and culture. Please submit a 250-400 word proposal for papers and/panels by March 1, 2006 to

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"A belligerent state permits itself every such misdeed, every such act of violence, as would disgrace the individual."
         Sigmund Freud
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