CFP: Advance(d) Composition: Undergraduate Majors and the Future of the Discipline (9/1/06; collection)

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Gregory Giberson
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Call for Proposals¯Edited Collection
Advance(d) Composition:
Undergraduate Majors and the Future of the Discipline

Greg Giberson, Ph.D., Salisbury University
Tom Moriarty, Ph.D., Salisbury University

Recently, undergraduate majors in Rhetoric and Composition have begun to spring up around the country. These programs go by many names and take on many forms. There is little doubt that the continuing growth of undergraduate degrees in Rhetoric and Composition will have a significant impact on the future of R/C as a discipline. The primary goal of this edited collection is to investigate the development of undergraduate majors in Rhetoric and Composition (by whatever name(s) it happens to be assigned) and the a impacts those majors will have on the future of the discipline. Possible topics for discussion include:

• The institutional, departmental, or other challenges programs have faced during the development and/or implementation of the major.
• The programs' emphasis and the "types" of graduates the programs hope to produce.
• The relationship between R/C degrees and other "writing" degrees such as professional writing, journalism, or creative writing.
• The implications for the discipline of the development of undergraduate majors.
• Unique degree configurations that include in one way or another significant course work in R/C.
• Departmental and institutional issues that arise in the development and implementation of the majors.
• The broader implications for the discipline of Rhetoric and Composition in terms of future research agendas, employment opportunities, etc.

The editors seek 500-word proposals for chapters between 3,000 and 7,000 words. The deadline for proposals is September 1, 2006. Please email Word or RTF submissions to:

Greg Giberson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Director of Freshman Composition
Director of the Eastern Shore Writing Project
Department of English
Salisbury University

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