CFP: Legitimating Cultures, Cultures of Legitimacy (Romania) (5/15/06; 11/23/06-11/25/06)

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Christian Moraru C_MORARU
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Bucharest University, Romania

November 23-25, 2006


Mircea Martin, Bucharest University, Romania=20
Christian Moraru, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

The conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for addressing issues=20
related to the notion of ?legitimacy? across discourses, cultural=20
practices, and traditions. We are primarily interested in papers=20
theorizing the construction and representation of the ?legitimate? in=20
particular contexts.=20

Presenters are encouraged to raise questions such as: How do cultures=20
(specific cultures, cultural genres, or products) legitimate themselves at =

one point or another? How do their legitimating strategies and rhetorics=20
change and why? What are the factors involved? What is the dynamic of=20
cognate terms such as ?legitimate,? ?valid,? ?acceptable,? ?relevant,? and =

?reliable?? What roles have they played historically in the manufacturing=20
of authority, in the makeup of power overall? How does authority=20
legitimate?authorize?itself, and what are the specific protocols in play=20
here? Further, how does authority (political, cultural, and otherwise)=20
deal with de-legitimating attempts? How does it cover-up its=20
?questionable? nature and how vulnerable is it to illegitimacy charges?=20
How do discourses and artifacts ?justify? themselves as they claim to be=20
?ideology-free?? How have identity and cultural studies helped complicate=20
?legitimate? if reductive representations of race, gender, ethnicity, and=20
sexuality? Why are such concerns (il)legitimate? Who decides what is=20
?justifiable? or ?arbitrary,? what ?makes sense??because it ?plays by the=20
rules??and what does not, who speaks ?with authority? and who fails to do=20

Send 200-word abstracts by May 15, 2006 to:

Mircea Martin, Bucharest University (proposals from Europe), at:


Christian Moraru, University of North Carolina, Greensboro (proposals from =

non-European countries), at:

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