CFP: Philament Issue 9: Liminal (4/30/06; journal issue)

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CFP: Philament: Cultural Studies and Literary Arts
Deadline: April 30th, 2006 (critique and opinion for online journal)
Publication: December 2006

Philament, the online journal of cultural studies and literary arts
affiliated with the University of Sydney , invites postgraduate
scholars to contribute articles, fictocriticism, reviews, and opinions

Issue 9: Liminal

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Philament is a free online journal of postgraduate scholarship in the
fields of cultural studies and the literary arts. It is edited and
published by students from the University of Sydney but aims to develop an
intellectual community that has both an interdisciplinary and intercampus
nature. Philament is designed to be a conduit for uninhibited academic
debate, critical discussion and creative expression over a broad range of
topics within the literary arts and cultural studies.


"I live in the space between chaos and shape. I walk the line that
continually threatens to lose its tautness under me, dropping me into the
dark pit where there is no meaning."

- Jeanette Winterson, The World and Other Places
Liminal [OED]
 a. gen. Of or pertaining to the threshold or initial stage of a process.
rare. b. spec. in Psychol. Of or pertaining to a 'limen' or 'threshold.'

 Possible themes include, but are not limited to:

Alchemy, Balancing, Becoming, Begin, Between You and Me, Blur, Border,
Brink and Boundaries, Coastlines, Crossing the Gap, Crucible, Demarcation,
Edge, Ego and Alter-ego, First Sensations, Frontiers, Harbours and Storms,
Humpty Dumpty, Lines in the Sand, Moment of Change, Neither Here nor
There, Next to Nothing, Point of No Return, Portals, Rims and Lips, Taking
the Plunge, Teetering, Tertium non datur, This Page Left Intentionally
Blank, Thresholds of Pain, and Windows of Opportunity

Please note:
We accept submissions in the form of:
Academic papers: for peer-review with a word limit of up to 8,000 words.
Opinion pieces: reviews (book, stage, screen, etc.), conference reports,
short essays, responses to papers previously published in Philament
issues. Word limit of 1000 words.

Philament will only accept submissions that have not been previously
published and are not under consideration elsewhere.

All submissions may be sent as email attachment in a PC-readable format
(preferably Microsoft Word) to

 Please include attach the Philament submissions form which can be found on
our website and
note that academic papers must include footnotes and conform to the
Philament house style of referencing.

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Elaine Minor

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