CFP: The Encyclopedia of Africa and the Americas (4/30/06; collection)

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Juang, Richard M.
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The Encyclopedia of Africa and the Americas (ABC-CLIO Transatlantic
Relations Series) seeks proposals for and entries in three areas:

1) Latin American and African writers, artists, major political figures,
and major scholars, whose works have a visible transatlantic influence
or dimension. Entries are typically 500-750 words each and must be
completed by April 30th, 2006.

2) A 1500-word overview of Latin American Literature with a
transatlantic emphasis.

3) Overviews of nations, movements (for example, Anti-Apartheid
movements in the Americas), historical, political, and economic
processes (for example, Industrialization in Africa and the Americas),
and institutions in Africa and the Americas. All entries should have
with a transatlantic emphasis. Entries can range from 750-3000 words and
must be completed by April 30th, 2006.

We welcome scholars at all levels-- college and university faculty,
independent researchers and graduate students. Entries are oriented
toward undergraduate students.

Entries should provide an objective and accessible overview of the
transatlantic dimensions of the topic. A scholarly style is essential.
Entries should draw upon a handful of authoritative printed primary or
secondary sources (not web sites, online resources or encyclopedias and
general reference works) and the author's own knowledge.

All authors will be credited for their work along with their entries.

Please contact Richard M. Juang, Susquehanna University at with proposals for entries and further information.

The Encyclopedia of Africa and the Americas, Edited by Richard M. Juang
and Noelle Morrissette. Santa Barbara, ABC-CLIO.

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