CFP: Diversity and Change in Early Canadian Women's Writing (7/3/06; collection)

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Jennifer Chambers

 "Diversity and Change in Early Canadian Women's Writing" (07/03/06; collection)

The recent conference call for papers on "Diversity and Change: Early Canadian Women Writers" has yielded the attention of Cambridge Scholars Press (, who is interested in publishing an edited collection of essays on the subject. This is a call for complete, developed, critical papers on diversity and change in early Canadian women's writing for this collection of essays.

While nineteenth-century women writers in Britain and the United States have earned a reputation for being diverse and seeking social change through their writings, early Canadian women writers have been slow to receive the same kind of attention. I invite papers on early Canadian women writers—preferably beyond Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill, although papers on them will be considered—to show the diverse range of writing styles and thought that was at work in Canada in the nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century. Questions that might be considered include (but are not limited to):
• How did early Canadian women writers promote social change through their writing?
• How do early Canadian women writers consider questions of gender, sexuality, class, poverty, race and ethnicity?
• How conventional/subversive were early Canadian women writers in terms of either or both subject matter and genre?
• How do early Canadian women writers consider the development of Canadian culture, and was it a part of their literary 'agenda'?
• How do early Canadian women writers' works compare with their counterparts in Britain and the U.S.?

Papers should be approximately 6,000-7,500 words or 25-30 pages in length, and the deadline for complete papers is July 3, 2006.
Contributions should be sent electronically or by post to one of the following addresses:

Dr. Jennifer Chambers

Dr. Jennifer Chambers
Department of English
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario

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