CFP: New Spaces of Subjectivity (grad) (4/1/06; SAMLA, 11/10/06-11/11/06)

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Elizabeth A. Chase

Graduate Student Forum, SAMLA '06 (Charlotte, NC; Nov. 10-11, 2006).

 New Spaces of Subjectivity
This panel will address how space affects the formation of subjectivity;
specifically, papers may consider how the borders and spaces within which
it is possible to become a subject have expanded or shifted due to recent
developments in areas such as technology, community, literature, gender
theory, etc. Possible topics might include: How has (or perhaps simply,
has) the "space" of subjectivity changed? What does this change look like
in theory, literature, or practice? How have these changes redefined the
process of becoming a "subject," and who can undertake that process? Do
changes to the boundaries and spaces of subjectivity affect how writers or
theorists, individuals or communities, go about claiming subjectivity for
themselves? This panel welcomes and will consider papers from graduate
students in all disciplines.

The deadline for paper proposals is April 1, 2006.
Please send proposals of 250 words or less to:
Elizabeth Chase
245 Coventry Rd.
Decatur, GA 30030

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