CFP: Naratives of Postcolonialism (3/15/06; MLA '06)

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Dear list,

I would like to place three calls for papers:

a) call for papers MLA 2006, one of the two official sessions for the
Society for the Study of Narrative Literature (SSNL). Through a computer
error on the part of the MLA, a number of emails sent in December got
lost and the session therefore was not posted in the MLA Newsletter.

Here is the text of the session. I am moving the deadline forward to 15

The Narratives of Postcolonialism

Do postcolonial narratives work differently from colonial or
non-colonial narratives? What kinds of narratological categories and
types of postmodernist experimentation are prominent in postcolonial
literature and postcolonial criticism? (Please no papers on Rushdie!)
Brief abstracts by 15 March to

2) IALS Conference (International Association for Literary Semantics) in
Krakow, Poland, October 9-14
 Narrative and Metaphor
Chair: Monika Fludernik, Freiburg/Germany

This session will discuss the function of metaphor in narrative(s).
Please send an abstract (10 lines) to by 15 March, 2006.
Information on the conference under .

3) Figurative Language (Literature and Linguistics)
Chairs: Monika Fludernik, Freiburg
( and Beatrice Warren, Lund
( at the forthcoming IAUPE (International
Association of University Professors of English) conference in
Lund/Sweden between August 7 and 10, 2007 (not this year!).

They have a dealine of sending in abstracts to the chairs by 15 March
2006 (this year!), and I was wondering whether anybody is doing work on
metaphor from a linguistic and/or literary perspective in general (not
just metaphor in a specific novel, poem or play) and who might be
interested in joining this panel (there are up to eight slots at least,
since each session continues throughout the conference).

IAUPE conferences are an experience in themselves. They are open only to
tenured professors (in order to keep participants at 150 to 200 rather
than the SSNL or MLA level of 400 upwards), and they have a limited
number of sessions so that only some ten sessions occur concurrently.
There is a strong emphasis on communality, with participants frequently
staying at the same hotel, breakfasting, lunching and dining together
and engaging in discussion. The schedule is also a leisurely one with
lots of time for discussion after papers and a number of excursions for
participants during which one gets to talk quite familiarly with one=B4s
colleagues and their spouses. It=B4s a different type of conference from
the ordinary kind at which hectic and lack of time for extensive
exchange predominate.

The conference preview with the information on sessions and hotels was
sent out to IAUPE members and I cannot discover a homepage on the
conference on these sheets, but I suppose the IAUPE association must
have a webpage on which there is a proper link. In any case, anybody
interested in joining the figurative language session should get in
touch with me AND Professor Warren directly before March 15, 2006.

Many thanks for posting this! M.Fludernik--


Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik
English Department
University of Freiburg
D-79085 Freiburg, Germany
FAX ++49 761 203 3359

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