UPDATE: Creative Translation: Film Adaptation (grad) (2/28/06; (dis)junctions, 4/7/06-4/8/06)

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Maggie Gover
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Announcement of Keynote Speaker
New Submission Deadline
Keynote Speaker: Professor James Kincaid
James Kincaid is Aerol Arnold Professor of English,
University of Southern California. His recent works
include Annoying the Victorians (1995), Erotic
Innocence: The Culture of Child Molesting (1998), and
A history of the African-American people (proposed) by
Strom Thurmond : a novel (as told to Percival Everett
& James Kincaid) (2004).

New deadline for submissions is now Tuesday February
28, 2006.
Creative Translation: Film Adaptation
(dis)junctions: lost in translation
April 7-8, 2006
University of California, Riverside
This panel will consist of papers discussing various
concerns of film adaptations. What problems arise
when adapting a work of literature to a screenplay?
How do various adaptations of the same work use the
primary text differently in their adaptations? What
role does fidelity play in screenplay adaptation?
What problems in auteur/authorship arise in screenplay
adaptation? Etc.
Papers addressing alternative forms of media and
literature (i.e. video games, television shows, comic
books) which have been adapted to film are also
welcome, as are papers which address issues of
Please email 250-300 word abstracts to
maggie.gover_at_yahoo.com by February 28, 2006. Please
include your department affiliation and specify any
a/v needs.

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