CFP: Britain in the Twentieth Century: Homeland? Haven? Exile? (3/10/06; MLA '06)

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Phyllis Lassner

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>Call for Papers for 2006 MLA 20th Century English Literature Division
>Panel, Philadelphia, Dec. 27-30
> Organizer: Phyllis Lassner, Northwestern University
> "Britain in the Twentieth Century: Homeland? Haven? Exile?"
> Papers are invited that explore representations of immigration to
> Britain in the twentieth century. Although much attention has been given
> to the acculturation, displacements, and cultural re-formations of
> colonial and postcolonial British subjects in Britain, this panel will
> provide a comparative perspective. In addition to exploring
> representations of emigration from British colonial and postcolonial
> sites, the panel will consider the experiences and representations of
> immigrants from eastern and southern Europe and in turn, British
> responses to these various immigrant groups and their cultural practices
> and productions.
> We invite discussions of writing and other forms of
> representation by and about various immigrant groups, including Jews,
> gypsies, and other peoples throughout Europe and anywhere else who sought
> safety and security in Britain over the course of the twentieth
> century. In order to understand this experience in context with British
> reception, we also welcome papers about the following subjects:
> parliamentary and media debates on the perceived and projected
> effects of immigration on British culture and identity, on the legal and
> cultural status of immigrants as refugees, expatriates, enemy or
> friendly aliens, or as future citizens; on the impact of immigration on
> immigrants' cultural identity and production, on gender relations,
> and on relations with other groups of immigrants.
>Please send inquiries or 300 word, double spaced abstracts by March 10,
>2006 to
>Phyllis Lassner:

Phyllis Lassner
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. USA

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