CFP: AIDS in Literature (4/14/06; MMLA, 11/9/06-11/12/06)

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AIDS in Literature (4/14/06; MMLA, 11/09-12/06; Chicago, IL)
In "AIDS, Keywords and Cultural Work," Jan Zita Grover remarks that people infected with HIV/AIDS find the boundaries of normativity challenged and re-configured and that people carrying the virus no longer view themselves as integrated, "but instead as a container for the virus." Michel Foucault underscores Grover's claim, linking the fear of death resulting from AIDS to using such fractive or dis-integrative strategies to cope with the fear of impending death.
This special session will address how the contemporary literature of HIV/AIDS limns the issues of personal dis-integration, challenging carriers of the virus to re-integrate themselves even as they struggle to distance themselves from the effects of the virus and disease.
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