CFP: Faith/Knowledge/Credulity in the Eighteenth Century (grad) (4/1/06; 9/30/06)

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Saladin Ahmed
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Faith, Knowledge, and Credulity in the Eighteenth Century

Transatlantic Eighteenth-Century Group
Department of English
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
30 September 2006

In the eighteenth century, both literary and scientific writing explore the
limits and significance of belief. It was in the aftermath of the
Reformation, in the rise of the Enlightenment, that such questions took
their most disparate forms. Contemporary criticism increasingly emphasizes
the importance of examining the diverse forms of this transgeneric interest.
This one-day conference, then, seeks to explore the foundations of belief in
such eighteenth-century contexts as epistemology, scientific empiricism,
skepticism, superstition, religion, literary realism, law, aesthetics,
historiography, and tradition.

The Transatlantic Eighteenth-Century Group invites proposals on any of the
following topics: scientific method, miracles, the claim to historicity,
credit, experience/experiment, opinion, arguments for the existence of God,
philosophy of mind, cognitive science, the news, the willing suspension of
disbelief, probability, faith vs. works, legal evidence, the status of
reputation, or anything else pertaining to belief.

Keynote speakers will include Simon During (Johns Hopkins University) and
Blakey Vermeule (Stanford University).

Proposals of no more than 500 words should be sent to Saladin Ahmed
( no later than 1 April 2006.

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