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In the rush toward digital space, what often gets forgotten is the =20
"meat," the living, breathing, paying-bills bodies who write. =20
MEATJOURNAL.COM (ISSN 1549-4454) is a refereed online journal that, =20
among other things, explores issues of the body in popular culture. =20
We invite a wide array of submissions: scholarly articles, =20
interviews, essays, book reviews, and creative works (both word and =20
image). Past contributions have included an interview with author =20
Erika Lopez (Flaming Iguanas: An All-Girl Road Novel Thing), essays =20
by Will Banks and Barclay Barrios, visual art, music, and a holy host =20=

of special features. For past issues see our website at http://=20

MEATJOURNAL (est. 2004) is a peer-reviewed, (very) independent, =20
(mostly) quarterly journal. SUBMISSIONS: All submissions should be =20
sent electronically to If your =20
submission is entirely online, please provide a working URL; if it is =20=

a group of files, send them batched as a .zip file. If appropriate, =20
we=92ll send your submission out to members of our editorial board for =20=

review. The review process takes time! You=92ll hear back from us =20
within 3-5 weeks on unsolicited submissions (those that are not in =20
response to a CFP). COPYRIGHT: loves the free =20
exchange of information, so we encourage you to distribute copies of =20
our articles for research or educational purposes free of charge and =20
without permission (as long as you cite us!). Since we use images =20
only after getting our own limited-use permission, however, we can=92t =20=

give you permission to use individual author=92s works (contact the =20
authors themselves for permission). We do expressly prohibit any =20
commercial use of our website and/or our articles without our written =20=

(yes, meat-text) consent.=

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