CFP: India, Greece, Ireland: Empire and Aftermath (Greece) (3/31/06; 6/4/06-6/10/06)

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James Gifford
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Call for Papers
India, Greece, Ireland: Empire and Aftermath

There are just a few places left…!

The Durrell School of Corfu is holding a Symposium (4-10 June 2006) on the
subject of Empire and Aftermath, focusing on the cases of India, Greece and

The India seminar will be moderated by Ashis Nandy (Centre for the Study of
Developing Societies, Delhi, India) and the Symposium will also feature as
speakers and seminar leaders: Neil Lazarus (Warwick University, UK), Gautam
Kundu (Goergia Southern University, USA) and Reed Way Dasenbrock (New Mexico
State University, USA).

The DSC invites submission of proposals for short papers (no more than 30
minutes) to be submitted by 17 March 2006.

A selection of papers will be published by the DSC.

Please send proposals of up to 500 words and any further enquiries to:

The purpose of the seminar is to examine:

• the relations between the centre of empire and the subjects of its rule at
its periphery, both during the imperial period and after
• discourse (or the lack of it) between core and periphery, particularly
through the lenses of literature;
• the effects of the aftermath of empire in former imperial subjects.

TOPICS (the following topics are not exclusive)

• post-nationalism vs. postcolonialism
• diaspora
• interaction between imperial and indigenous cultures
• the symbiosis of 'coloniser' and 'colonised'
• the imperial subject as 'other' or 'different': can the 'other' ever
become 'the same'?
• critiques of 'orientalism'
• the transition of societies under imperial rule
• Eurocentrism and the rhetoric of map-making
• the meaning of 'subaltern'
• real and imaginary perceptions of landscape from the imperial and
indigenous perspectives
• 'allochronism': linear time and circular or periodic time
• suppression of, or revolt or collaboration by, imperial subjects
• nationalist and independence/resistance movements: emphasis may be placed
on cultural nationalism and questions of emergent identity
• post-imperial or post-colonial literatures, especially 'varieties of
english', including Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, the
Caribbean: is there such a genre as 'Commonwealth literature'?
• the literature(s) of Latin America
• post-imperial literature(s) re-writing the 'Western canon': 'the empire
writes back'
• the role of narrative in post-imperial society: memory and re-membering
• departure and arrival in the moment of freedom/independence
• revisionism in post-imperial historiography

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