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Stan Beeler
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Reading Charmed (working title)
Karin Beeler and Stan Beeler , eds.
Publisher I.B. Tauris
        In 1998 the series Charmed, the story of three sisters who discover that they
are powerful witches, first aired on the WB network. Since its inception, the
show has garnered a world wide audience and an almost fanatical following on
the Internet. Strategically timed DVD releases and network syndication in the
US market have moved the series towards a continuing presence that is certain
to lead to the stable market of cult status .
        The collection, Reading Charmed, will be thematically determined by
Charmed's obvious relationship to what is commonly referred to as “third wave
feminism.” Charmed has lasted eight seasons because of its appeal to a
clearly defined target market -- primarily young women -- raised in the
traditions of feminism, but strongly attracted by the movement sometimes
termed “girl power” by the press or “post-feminism” by academics. During the
course of its production Charmed has demonstrated a remarkable staying power
and a dedicated international following of fans despite budget cuts and cast
changes. Charmed is a series with wide appeal and, what is perhaps even more
important in the ephemeral world of fantasy and science fiction television,
staying power. The continued popularity of the series is evidenced not only
by consistent middle-of-the-pack television ratings, but also by an
impressive number of Charmed websites, discussion groups, blogs, fanfic and
and a large number of licensed Charmed novels.
         Although Charmed has not developed a spin-off, its longevity combined with a
plethora of non-television franchise products -- book series, Charmed Dolls,
pseudo-magical paraphernalia -- indicate the series is worthy of serious
discussion as an influential cultural phenomenon.

Possible Sections:

1.Girl Power, Female Heroes, and Sexy Feminism.
2.Witchcraft: History, Fantasy, and Mythology.
3.Family, Community and Social Context.
4.Art, Artifice and Performance.
5.Outside/Inside Charmed: fan culture, fan fiction, actors, location etc.

The deadline for abstracts is April 15 2006 and final deadline for completed
papers is August 15 2006. Please send abstracts or completed papers by email
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