CFP: Seminar in Early Modern Thought (Romania) (5/1/06; 7/30/06-8/4/06)

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Dana Jalobeanu
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Foundations of Modern Thought, University of Bucharest

FME Seminar on Early Modern Philosophy

Disseminating knowledge in Seventeenth Century:
Centres and peripheries in the Republic of Letters

July, 30- August 4, 2006

Bran, Romania

One of the main features of modernity is the constitution of what has bee=
n called the Republic of Letters: a complex of communities, societies, co=
rrespondence networks, formal or informal circles of learned individuals =
throughout Europe, often involved in common projects of reforming the rec=
eived knowledge.

Numerous seventeenth century projects for the reformation of knowledge em=
phasized the collective character of producing and disseminating knowledg=
e. Philosophers like Bacon, Mersenne, Descartes, Gassendi, Pascal, Boyle =
or Leibniz, are just some examples of those involved in such projects. Wh=
at were their common features? What were the philosophical alternatives b=
ehind the triumphal label of the Republic of Letters? What were the goals=
, the moral values or the rules of conduct governing the emerging intelle=
ctual communities?

The FME Seminar in modern philosophy is an international annual meeting o=
f scholars organised by the Research Center for the Foundations of Modern=
 Thought of the University of Bucharest. Past editions have been held in =
various locations of Romania, and the seminar has become already a tradit=
ion. The aim of the seminar is to create an proper environment for discus=
sing papers and ideas. It includes workshops in the morning and presentat=
ions of papers in the afternoon, trying to maintain a balance between a h=
igh academic level and the informal spirit of an academia.

This year, the seminar will take place in Bran, near Brasov, in Transylva=
nia. Guest speakers will be Daniel Garber (Princeton University), Roger A=
riew (University of South Florida), Giulia Belgioioso (Universit=E0 di Le=
cce), Gilles Olivo (Universit=E9 de Ca=EBn).
Among the participants: Vlad Alexandrescu, Catalin Avramescu, Sorana Corn=
eanu, Dana Jalobeanu, Eric Lewis, Brandon Look, Mihai-Vlad Niculescu, Jus=
tin E. H. Smith, and Igor Agostini.

If interested, please submit an abstract related (but not restricted) to =
topics like the above mentioned and a brief CV or presentation to Dana Ja=
lobeanu, or/and Vlad Alexandrescu, valexandrescu= by the 1st of May.

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