CFP: Transformations of Texts (6/15/06; collection)

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Laurie F Leach
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Laurie Leach and Phyllis Frus, Hawaii Pacific
University, Honolulu, HI 96813

We are seeking essays for a collection
"Transformations: Beyond Adaptation." To us, a
transformation is a reworking of a text, either
canonical or popular, in a significant way, such as by
telling a story from a different perspective and
engaging themes and issues that were left out of the
previous version (_Mary Reilly_, _Wide Sargasso Sea_);
using a familiar plot but varying the setting,
situation, and/or characters (_O_, _Clueless_);
updating the source text to reflect a new social,
political, and cultural context (Almereyda's
_Hamlet_); or radically transforming a source by
using parallel plot events and similar characters
without being constrained by the earlier plot (_O
Brother, Where Art Thou? A Thousand Acres_).

We welcome insights by those using narrative theory,
New Historicism, feminism and psychoanalysis, but our
audience is general readers and students, not other

Please include name, department affiliation, and
contact information.

Essays should be between 6500 and 8000 words. Please
send inquiries or one-page abstracts by June 15, 2006
to Laurie Leach (

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