CFP: English Language Notes 45.1: The Specter of the Archive (11/1/06; journal issue)

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Patrick Pritchett
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Call for Publications, English Language Notes 45.1, Spring 2007


The Specter of the Archive


How does the archive haunt the literary and cultural study of the past? =
This ELN issue invites papers that will engage this question and that =
will investigate what demarcates the archive of literary culture. =
Broadly, then, this ELN issue invites papers that will theoretically, =
creatively, and methodologically engage the representational power of =
the archive. In addition to critical papers that explore cultural =
forms, we also invite contributors to submit creative non-fiction, short =
stories, poetry, analysis of museum collections, and archival projects =
that expand our understanding of the archive. Contributors may also =
address the politics of the archive through some of the following =
questions: How does the archive facilitate knowledge? Since our =
post-modern turn, has the archive become nothing more than an abstract =
signifier, a ghost, if you will, that haunts our current social =
imaginary? How does the archive maintain or disrupt power relations? Is =
there a racial, gendered or sexual archive? What is the relationship =
between the archive and historical time? How is subjectivity formed =
through the archive? What is the relationship between aesthetics and =
the archive. How have archives been subjugated and what ghosts have we =
all encountered in our recovery of the past? What role do archives play =
in the abstract and mostly metacritical idea of the nation or the =
hemisphere? Can we ever understand the interconnections among people, =
nations and places without archives? How do archives reinvent the =
contours of the political? Position papers, notes, essays, book =
reviews, and provocations are invited from scholars and artists in all =
fields of study. =20


Please send contributions and/or proposals to The Editors, English =
Language Notes, University of Colorado at Boulder, 226 UCB, Boulder, CO =
80309-0226. Deadline for final submissions is November 1, 2006. =
Specific inquires regarding issue 45.1 may be directed to the issue =
editor, John-Michael Rivera at

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