UPDATE: Modern Greece: Politics, Literature, Society (3/31/06; 6/4/06-6/10/06)

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Call For Papers

There are just a few places left…!

The Durrell School of Corfu is holding a Symposium (21-27 May 2006) on the
subject of Modern Greece, focussing on its Politics, Literature and Society.
The School especially welcomes proposals on the Ionian Islands, as well as
the Balkans and Turkey.

The Symposium will be led by Roderick Beaton (Koraes Professor of Modern
Greek and Byzantine History, Language and Literature, King's College London)
and Sir Michael Llewellyn Smith (former British Ambassador to Greece). We
are also pleased to announce the distinguished participation of Nikos

ALL areas of Modern Greece's rich political, cultural and social history are
open for consideration. Topics might include: Britain and Greece – a
literary relationship? Modernity's impact on Greek society and family;
Greece, Germany and the second world war – see below for a fuller, though by
no means exhaustive – list of themes.

The DSC invites submission of proposals for short papers (no more than 30
minutes) to be submitted by 31 March 2006.

A selection of papers will be published by the DSC.

Please send proposals of up to 500 words and any further enquiries to:
durrells_at_otenet.gr or see www.durrell-school-corfu.org

Topics can include, but are not limited to:

- The second world war
- The civil war
- The Cyprus crisis 1955-74
- Greece's relationship to Turkey and/or the Balkans
- Philhellenism in the 1820s and after
- The war of independence
- The Greek monarchy 1831-1974
- The expansion of Greece, 1864-1947
- The Megali Idea
- The Balkan wars
- The first world war
- The Anatolian campaign 1920-22
- The 1930s
- Military rule 1967-1974

- Greece and Britain – a literary relationship?
- The nineteenth-century novel
- Transition from katharevousa to demotic
- The poets of the Ionian islands and Romanticism
- Theotokas' 'Free Spirit' and its consequences
- The poetry of Seferis and Elytis
- C.P. Cavafy
- Themes in fiction since 1960
- The Greek diaspora
- Literature in Cyprus
- National identity in Greek literature
- Political content of Greek literature
- Publishing and translation

- Modernity's impact on Greek family and society
- Transfer of populations between Greece and Turkey, 1923
- Reconstruction of Greek society after the second world war
- Consequences of the civil war
- Repatriation of persons evacuated from Greece during the civil war
- The Greek economy since 1945
- Italian and Turkish culture in Greek society
- The Jewish population of Greece before and after the second world war
- Urban-rural relations

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