CFP: Canadian Studies Conference (Spain) (5/15/06; 11/17/06-11/18/06)

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Eva Darias Beautell
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In the last century, international migrations have become a social =
phenomenon of undeniable magnitude. The influence of migration on the =
dynamics of contemporary societies, on their internal policies, their =
cultural adjustments and their external relationships, cannot but =
continue and increase throughout the present century. Canada, as a =
traditional country of immigration, has been allotted a vanguard =
position in the management of this new kind of social complexity. But =
this has by no means been a one-way process. The self-perception of =
Canadian society, its identity, cultural habits and political =
institutions, have evolved and adapted to the changing circumstances in =
a process that has not always been easy and free of conflicts. The =
Spanish Association for Canadian Studies therefore puts forward the call =
for papers for its XI International Conference.=20

Norms for the submission of papers:

1. All paper proposals will be electronically submitted to the chair =
person(s) of the chosen Theme Panel with a copy to the Organizing =
Committee of the Conference:

2. The evaluation of the paper proposals and the communication with =
their authors will be carried by the chairperson(s) of each Theme Panel.

3. The deadline for submitting paper proposals is 15th May 2006. After =
that date, the chairpersons will send the Organizing Committee a list of =
the papers accepted to their Panels.

4. Each paper proposal should include the following items: a) name, =
academic institution and e-mail of the paper author; b) Title and =
abstract of the paper (500 words max.)

5. Every Theme Panel, in order to be maintained, must include at least =
three papers. Each speaker will have 20 minutes for presentation.

6. After receiving the final list of papers, the Organizing Committee is =
allowed to propose the aggregation of Panels according to their thematic =
affinity for academic or organizational reasons.



1. The Migratory Phenomenon as a Shaper of the Canadian Historical =
Reality at Present, C.: Mar=EDa Luz Arroyo V=E1zquez (UNED)=20
2. Uprootings / Regroundings: Migrations in Canadian Literature, Cs.: =
Carmen Arzua (Universidad complutense) , Cristina S=E1nchez (Univ. de La =
3. Ecocriticism and the Interaction between the Global and the Local in =
Recent Canadian Literature and Art, C.: Eva Darias Beautell (Universidad =
de La Laguna)=20
4. The Role of Literature in the Shaping of Canada's Multicultural =
Identity, C.: Teresa Gibert (UNED)=20
5. Writing B(l)ack from the Great White North: Reconfigurations of =
Canadian (Literary) Identity, C: Ana M=AA Fraile Marcos (Universidad de =
6. Out of Focus: Canadian Modernism, Cultural Identity and Social Change =
(1920-1955), C.: Esther S=E1nchez-Pardo (Universidad Complutense)
7. Writing the Diaspora in Canadian Literature in English, Cs.: Coral =
Ann Howells (University of Reading, UK), Pilar Somacarrera (Universidad =
Aut=F3noma de Madrid)
8. Translation and Canadian Culture, Cs.: Pilar Somacarrera (Universidad =
Aut=F3noma de Madrid), Javier Ortiz (Universidad Aut=F3noma de Madrid)
9. Migrations et =E9changes, identit=E9 et alt=E9rit=E9: cr=E9ation =
litt=E9raire et artistique.: C. Carmen Mata Barreiro (Universidad =
Aut=F3noma de Madrid)
10. Storytelling and Native Canadian Mythologies, C.: Elo=EDna Prati dos =
Santos (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil)=20
11. Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Acquisition Systems in =
Multicultural Societies, C.: Janis Taylor-Harvey (The British Council)
12. L'expertise du Qu=E9bec dans l'analyse et la gestion des identit=E9s =
en =E9volution et des dynamiques culturelles, C.: Carmen Mata Barreiro =
(Universidad Aut=F3noma de Madrid)


13. Federalism and the Protection of Rights in a Multicultural Society, =
C.: Josep M=AA Castell=E1 (Universidad de Barcelona)
14. Multiculturalism and Integration: from the Canadian Charter of =
Rights and Liberties to European Constitution, C.: Giancarlo Rolla =
(Universit=E0 degli Studi di Genova, Italia)
15. Identity, Community and Culture: Reflections from the Canadian =
Philosophy, C.: Juan Garc=EDa-Mor=E1n Escobedo (UNED)
16. Public Religions and the State: Comparative Approaches to the =
Political Management of Religion, Cs.: Angel Rivero (Autonomous =
University of Madrid, Spain), Francisco Colom (Spanish National Research =


17. International Migration as a Source of Social and Political Change: =
Immigration Policies, Citizenship and Rights, Cs.: Ana Mar=EDa L=F3pez =
Sala (Universidad de La Laguna) , Valeriano Esteban S=E1nchez =
(Universidad de La Laguna)
18. Emergent Migratory Processes in North America, Cs.: Guillermo Ibarra =
Escobar (Univ. Aut=F3noma de Sinaloa, M=E9xico), Ana Luz Ruelas (Univ. =
Aut=F3noma de Sinaloa, M=E9xico)
19. Population Movements in the North-Western Territories as a Source of =
Social Development, Cs.: Carlos Junquera Rubio (Universidad =
Complutense), Secundino Valladares (Universidad Complutense)
20. Les transformations des espaces ethniques dans la ville canadienne: =
le cas de Montr=E9al, Cs: Bruno Ramirez (Universit=E9 de Montr=E9al), =
Paul-Andr=E9 Linteau (Universit=E9 du Qu=E9bec =E0 Montr=E9al)
21. New Challenges in the Twentieth-Century: Cities and =
Multiculturalism, C.: Luc=EDa Mora Gonz=E1lez (Universidad de =
Castilla-La Mancha)

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