CFP: Ecocriticism and Canadian Studies (Spain) (5/15/06; 11/17/06-11/18/06)

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Eva Darias Beautell
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Congreso de la Asociaci=F3n Espa=F1ola de Estudios Canadienses
17 y 18 de noviembre de 2006 en la Residencia La Cristalera de la=20
Universidad Aut=F3noma de Madrid.


Panel: Ecocriticism and the Interaction between the Global and the Local =
in Recent Canadian Literature and Art.

This panel proposes to look at the Conference theme from the different =
perspective opened up by the relatively new interdisciplinary contexts =
of ecocriticism in Canada. It involves the investigation of a =
quintessentially national theme, the theme of Canadian nature, =
vis-=E0-vis the undeniable internationalization of contemporary Canadian =
society and culture. Canadian writers and artists of different cultural =
backgrounds have often felt drawn to issues of wilderness and the land, =
literally and/or symbolically, establishing different relationships with =
the surrounding environment and providing equally diverse responses to =
it. The panel intends to be interdisciplinary both in its theoretical =
and its practical aims, exploring the possibilities of a framework of =
analysis such as ecocriticim to deal with and address the textual, =
filmic and artistic production of the past 30 years in Anglophone =


Ecocriticism will be defined in the most encompassing sense as a broad =
field of study that focuses on the relationship between the arts and the =
environment. It connects with a long history of ecological thinking in =
Canada as well as with a literary, cultural and artistic production rich =
in examples of the interaction between nature and the human being. By =
definition, ecocriticism would break the opposition between nature and =
culture, going beyond the poststructuralist view of nature as a =
textualized object, and rather building bridges between space and text. =
It starts from the local and works towards the global, tracing numerous =
lines of encounter between the two both in the environmental and the =
cultural arenas.


Papers in this panel may address any issue within that general =
framework, from the immigrants' revisions of natured-based Canadian =
myths (such as the North, the Garrison Mentality, and so forth), to =
First Nations' critiques of those same myths and their reworking of the =
connection between Canada and the wilderness. Additionally, in recent =
years, the relationship between ecocriticism and gender, as in =
geofeminism or ecofeminism, has produced a whole body of theory, =
literature, film and art still awaiting to be analysed. Finally, =
theoretical papers that look at the possibilities of ecocriticism to =
articulate the increasingly global national context are also welcome.

Please send paper proposals to Eva Darias Beautell (U. de La Laguna): =

Norms for the submission of papers:

1. All paper proposals will be electronically submitted to the chair =
person(s) of the chosen Theme Panel with a copy to the Organizing =
Committee of the Conference:

2. The deadline for submitting paper proposals is 15th May 2006.=20

3. Each paper proposal should include the following items: a) name, =
academic institution and e-mail of the paper author; b) Title and =
abstract of the paper (500 words max.)

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