UPDATE: Special issue of MELUS: Iranian American Literature (6/15/06; journal issue)

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Call for Papers for a Special Issue on
Iranian-American Literature

We are inviting proposals for a special issue on
Iranian-American Literature, projected for publication
in 2008.

The explosion in memoirs written by Iranian women in
the last few years has provided an unprecedented
literary introduction into the lives and experiences
of Iranians -- whether exiles, immigrants, or in
several cases, second-generation Iranian-Americans.
This special issue of MELUS will focus on the emerging
literature of Iranian-Americans, (written by both
women and men) and will explore the relationship
between literature and Iranian immigration and the
politics of US-Iranian relations in the second half of
the 20th century and the emerging literature of this
community at the start of the 21st century. Possible
topics might include:

Memoir and Women's Narratives
The Fiction of the Iranian Revolution
The Return Narrative to Iran
Growing Up Iranian/Growing Up American
Expatriates and Exiles
Iranian-American Poetry

We welcome proposals that discuss the emergence of
Iranian-American literature (including Canada) and
explore the role of literature in creating a public
Iranian identity in North America. Please submit a
2-page abstract to Persis Karim at
pkarim_at_helios.sjsu.edu and Nasrin Rahimieh at
nasrin_at_mcmaster.ca by no later than June 15, 2006.

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Persis M. Karim, Ph.D. (persisk_at_yahoo.com)
English Dept., San Jose State University/1 Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192/(408) 924-4476

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