CFP: African American Documentary (7/25/06; Film & History, 11/8/06-11/12/06)

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Frances Gateward
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2006 Film and History League Conference

"The Documentary Tradition" Dallas 8-12 November, 2006

AREA: African American Documentary

The relationship of racialized communities to the cinema has been a
contentious one - in all realms, including the non-fiction film. From
early ethnographic films to more recent representations, constructions of
African Americans in documentary have remained problematic - not only in
terms of depictions, but access to production, distribution, and exhibition.

How have African American non-fiction film and video makers worked to create
alternative images and depictions of the various lived experiences of
African Americans?

What exhibition venues and support mechanisms (for example, websites and
other supplementary material) do such documentary filmmakers favor? Why? How
do they use them? To what end? What kinds of audiences do they seek?

Do filmmakers from traditionally underrepresented groups make and use
documentaries in ways that distinguish their work from that of mainstream
filmmakers? Do they differ in subjects, themes, methodologies, distribution,
or exhibition strategies from each other or from mainstream filmmakers?
What, if any, patterns are discernible?

How do the ethical imperatives and questions that surface for mainstream
documentary filmmakers play out for those identified with traditionally
underrepresented groups who are exploring cultural diversity issues?

In addition to these larger issues or in conjunction with them, topics may

Civil Rights Movement

Black Power Movements

Biography and Autobiography

"Cultural Expressions" (music, dance, film)

Gender, race, class, and sexual identities

Body images


Submissions on all aspects of African American non-fiction film are welcome.
Deadline for submission is July 25, 2006.

Send all inquires and proposals to: Dr. Frances Gateward, University of

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