CFP: Literature, Torture, and Human Rights (4/15/06; MMLA, 11/9/06-11/12/06)

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Song, Chaepyong
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M/MLA Conference

Chicago, IL

November 9-12, 2006


Peace Literature and Pedagogy Section


Topic: Literature, Torture, and Human Rights


Mindful of human rights violations and torture in CIA secret prisons in =
Europe, Guant=E1namo, and Abu Ghraib, as well as in Sudan, Guatemala, =
and North Korea, we invite papers that re-examine literary works =
negotiating the moral and ethical issues surrounding human rights and =
torture. Both theoretical and pedagogical explorations of human =
rights/torture as re-presented in literature are welcome. We are =
particularly interested in papers that complicate, with the help of =
literature, our understanding of human rights as an international =
language of ethics. We will also consider papers that examine the =
relationship between human rights reports and their narrativity.=20


Please submit 1-2 page abstracts (email attachments) to =

by April 15.=20


Chae-Pyong Song, Ph.D.

Department of English

Marygrove College

Detroit, MI 48221=20

(313) 927-1435 =20

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