CFP: Teaching Ethnic Am/Postcolonial Literature of Trauma (4/1/06; USACLALS, 10/27/06-10/29/06)

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Robin E. Field

Papers are sought for a panel examining the pedagogical
strategies we use to teach the literature of trauma in the
undergraduate classroom. I wish to examine Ethnic American
and Postcolonial literature in particular. Papers should
reference at least one piece of literature commonly taught,
and provide specific examples of teaching methodologies,
practices, and theories. Papers should run 15-18 minutes.

This panel will be held at the USACLALS conference at Santa
Clara University. Information about the conference follows.

Please send 250 word abstracts and a brief CV by April 1,
2006 to:

Robin Field

Conference info:

"Fissures and Sutures: Sources of Division and Mutual Aid
in Postcolonial Reflections on History and
Confirmed speakers at this time
 Bill Ashcroft, Aijaz Ahmad, Pascale Casanova, R.
Radhakrishnan, Amritjit
Singh, Tess Onwueme, Emmanuel Dongala, Kalyan Ray, and
Shu-mei Shih
Oct. 27-29 2006
United States Association for Commonwealth Literature and
Language Studies
4th International Conference (USACLALS)
Santa Clara University (40 miles south of San Francisco;
one mile from San
Jose airport)

Robin E. Field
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of English
University of Virginia

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