UPDATE: Transnationalism and the New Local: Refiguring Latina/o Literature, Culture and Identity (5/15/06; collection)

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Kevin Concannon
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Transnationalism and the New Local: Refiguring Latina/o Literature, Culture and Identity

Updated Submission Deadline for Abstracts: May 15, 2006

Contributions to this collection of essays should examine the ways in which movements between different Latin American countries and the United States shape differing conceptualizations of nationalism, postnationalism, transnationalism and the global. With its focus on Latina/o communities in the United States, our book project will offer comparative studies of literary and cultural texts that represent transnational, exilic, diasporic, cosmopolitan and/or postcolonial life forms and practices. We are especially interested in those texts which ground migrant experiences within a larger political, historical and cultural framework, seeking to identify how different ethnic subgroups represent their distinct movements across borders. Papers may focus on ???established??? and ???up-and-coming??? contemporary U.S. Latina/o authors, artists and other cultural practitioners, and should aim to isolate new, developing tendencies toward transnational modes of cultural production. Cont!
 ributors may also choose to excavate and trace historic precursors of transnational writings in older literary and cultural texts.

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Kevin Concannon (University of Wisconsin, Platteville)

Francisco Lomel?? (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Marc Priewe (Potsdam University, Germany)

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