CFP: Swinburne Essay Collection (8/20/06; collection)

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Yisrael Levin
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With Swinburne's 2009 centennial approaching, we would like you to consider
contributing to a new collection of essays that will celebrate Swinburne and
Swinburne scholarship. As our main goal in this collection is to explore the
less familiar regions of Swinburne corpus, we invite essays that focus on the
poetry, prose, and criticism published after 1870 and especially during the
Putney period. Essays may address, but are not confined to, the following
--Swinburne's later formal and generic experimentalism
--treatment and redefinition of Romantic tropes
--manipulation of classical and medieval myth
--mature philosophical and spiritual concerns
--modulating visions of sexuality
--conceptions of childhood
--the function of "bad" poetry
--post-Mazzinian politics
--Swinburne's place in print culture as writer and bibliophile
--late-Victorian readers' response to Swinburne
--Swinburne's status and influence in Britain and abroad

Contributors include Jerome McGann, Catherine Maxwell, and Rikky Rooksby among
others. Proposals (500-800 words) and further inquiries may be sent to by August 20, 2006.

On behalf of Margot K. Louis and myself,

Yisrael Levin
University of Victoria.

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