CFP: Embodiment and Location: American Lit. after 1870 (4/21/06; MMLA, 11/9/06-11/12/06)

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Bill Albertini
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M/MLA Standing Panel
American Literature II: Literature After 1870

"Embodiment and Location"
The physical self often serves as a locus for identity formations (and
for concepts of "post-identity"), a site for the exercise of power, a
place for the interaction of myriad discourses. That embodied self
also exists within and between numerous locations: geographic and
social place, transnational movement and migration, political and
institutional spaces, popular and avant-garde discourses. This panel
invites papers addressing the problem or the promise of embodiment and
location in post-1870 American literatures and cultures ("literatures"
defined broadly). Issues of ability/disability, representation,
technology, race, gender, sex, sexuality, class are especially
encouraged. Please send abstract of 250 words by April 21 to Bill
Albertini, English Department, Bowling Green State University, .

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Bill Albertini
English Department
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

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