CFP: CSeARCH: The Cultural Studies e-Archive (ongoing; archive)

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gary hall

Call for Contributions to CSeARCH: The Cultural Studies e-Archive

CSeARCH stands for 'Cultural Studies electronic Archive'. It is a free,
open access archive for research literature and related materials in
cultural studies and cultual theory.

The idea behind CSeARCH is to create for cultural studies an archive
similar to The latter is the physics 'e-print' archive set up
by Paul Ginsparg in 1991. Originally based at Los Alamos before moving
to Cornell University in December 2001, has carried over
356,500 submissions, has deposits of a further 54,000 a year, and
receives 270,000 connections daily. It works as follows: whenever a
physics scholar is about to publish a text, they send a copy to this
archive. This copy is then made available to any researcher, scholar or
student who wants it, free of charge. All they have to do is simply
download the file from the archive.

One of the potential consequences of the Cultural Studies electronic
archive is the possibility of making all the cultural studies and
related research literature - both past and present - freely available
to researchers, teachers and students, on a world-wide basis, regardless
of how much particular publishers want to charge for their books and
journals, and of how much individual institutions and libraries can
afford to pay for them.

More information about open access publishing and how it works is
available at:

More information about this archive in particular, including how to
include journal articles, books and book chapters which have already
been published elsewhere,
or are due to be so in the future, without infringing copyright, is
available at:

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