CFP: Literature after 9/11 (6/15/06; collection)

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Ann Keniston
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CFP: Literature after 9/11 (6/15/06; collection)


Detailed abstracts sought for a collection of essays on literary
representations of 9/11. Essays may treat specific texts, including novels
(e.g., Ian McEwan's Saturday, Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and
Incredibly Close, Jay McInerney's The Good Life, etc.), poems (particular
poems, single-authored volumes of poetry, or anthologies such as Poetry
After 9/11: An Anthology of New York Poets), drama (The Guys, Omnium
Gatherum, Homebody/Kabul, etc.), graphic novels (Art Spiegelman's In the
Shadow of No Towers; 9-11: Artists Respond, etc.), and memoirs (Lisa
Beamer's Let's Roll, Marian Fontana's A Widow's Walk, etc.) as well as
hybrid or noncanonical texts (internet writings, oral history, flyers,
visual artifacts, the New York Times "Portraits of Grief," and journalistic
responses insofar as they can be conceived in literary terms). Essays may
also consider large aesthetic, political, and cultural questions raised by
post-9/11 literature, including those related to the effect of 9/11 on
notions of genre, textuality and literary production; the formation of a
9/11 literary canon; the difference between literature about 9/11 and
literature after 9/1; the relation of literature about 9/11 to literature
about other historical events (e.g., the Holocaust); the relation of
post-9/11 literature to postmodernism, notions of memorialization, trauma
studies, and other contemporary literary/theoretical trends, including
attempts to theorize 9/11 itself (by Slavoj Zizek, Jean Baudrillard, and
others), etc. Essays should focus on literature although they can
interrogate literature as a category; essays on film, political rhetoric,
news reports, architecture, etc will not be considered.


Please email an abstract (as MS Word attachment and pasted into the email)
of approximately 500 words and a 3-page vita to Ann Keniston
( and Jeanne Follansbee Quinn ( by June
15, 2006.



Ann Keniston

Assistant Professor

Department of English/098

University of Nevada, Reno

Reno, NV 89557

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