CFP: Orientalism: Culture, Politics, and the Imagined Other (7/28/06; collection)

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Hosford, Desmond
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Call for Papers

Orientalism: Culture, Politics, and the Imagined Other

The editors invite contributions on all aspects, literary and =
non-literary, of French Orientalism for a proposed publication following =
up on the 2005 Orientalism conference sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in =
French at the City University of New York. Submissions from English =
language literary and historical perspectives are welcome.

Manuscripts should not exceed 7,500 words, including notes. Submissions =
must conform to MLA style, and must be in English, or prepared for =
translation into English. Quotations from non-English language texts =
must be translated in the body of the essay and accompanied by the =
original in the notes. Illustrations are acceptable if they are germane =
to the essay (authors must obtain glossy prints and reproduction rights =
if the essay is accepted). Submissions will be blind read by three =
readers, and the author=92s name and institution should appear only on =
the title page. Authors are required to submit a 150-word abstract.

In Orientalism, Edward Said wrote of =93the Orient as a locale requiring =
Western attention, reconstruction, even redemption. The Orient existed =
as a place isolated from the mainstream of European progress in the =
sciences, art, and commerce. Thus whatever good or bad values were =
imputed to the Orient appeared to be functions of some highly =
specialized Western interest in the Orient.=94

Working from this standpoint and within the current global context, the =
publication will explore the French and Francophone construction of the =
Orient. Papers on all historical periods and disciplines are welcome.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

=95 Exploration, conquest, and the nation
=95 Literature: confrontation, appropriation, and resistance
=95 Religion, territory, and political relativism
=95 Flora and fauna: possession, domestication, classification
=95 Food and cultural consumption
=95 The French stage: Performing the Orient
=95 Harems, fetishism, and exotic sex
=95 The feminization of the Orient
=95 Women and agency
=95 Occidentalism: The returned gaze
=95 Orality and history
=95 Self-representation in literature

The deadline for submissions is 28 July 2006. Please send proposals to =
Desmond Hosford ( and Chong J. Wojtkowski =

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