CFP: Panel on Popular Music and Literature at the M/MLA (4/20/06; MMLA, 11/9/06-11/12/06)

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Dragoslav Momcilovic
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This panel for the upcoming M/MLA conference -- entitled =22High and Low =
Culture=2C=22 to be held in Chicago=2C Illinois on November 9-12=2C 2006 =
-- invites scholars to explore the shifting relations between the =91high=
=92 and the =91low=92 by focusing on the popularization of music and its =
interaction with various literary and cultural forms=2E Papers that addre=
ss one or more of the following topics are welcome=3A =

1=2E How do we begin to theorize the (historical) process of =27populariz=
ation=27 in the realms of music and literature=3F To what extent does the=
 process of popularization implicate or problematize =91high=92 and =91lo=
w=92 cultural and literary forms=3F =

2=2E How does the potential interaction between the =27high=27 and the =27=
low=27 in popular music and literature inflect question of taste and the =
cultural values underlying it=3F =

3=2E How do specific musical genres (classical=2C rap=2C jazz) intersect =
with popular literary movements or highbrow literary innovations=3F =

4=2E How do specific literary tropes of self-fashioning create (or compli=
cate) the cult of the pop star (the diva=2C the sex kitten=2C the anarchi=
st punk rocker=2C the teen heart throb=2C the rap mogul=2C the protege=2C=
 etc)=3F =

5=2E What kinds of reading practices do the multiple =93texts=94 of popul=
ar musicians (album covers=2C music videos=2C concert performances=2C lyr=
ics=2C forays into the world of film=2C etc) demand=3F =

6=2E What kind of political =22work=22 do popular music and literature pe=
rform=2C and how might that conception of =22work=22 have changed in ligh=
t of technological innovations (not only in production but also in dissem=
ination) and with respect to an increasingly global audience=3F =

Please email 250-word abstracts in Microsoft Word attachment to Drago Mom=
cilovic by April 20th=2C 2006=2E
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Drago Momcilovic =

Department of English =

University of Wisconsin -- Madison =

600 N Park St =

Madison=2C WI 53706

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