CFP: From Womb to Womanhood (5/31/06; 10/06)

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Debra and Pat ITCOP

An intergenerational conference and celebration for women and girls
of color


1st Annual "From Womb to Womanhood" Conference
Pan African Studies Community Education Program
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
October (TBD) 2006

Wisdom Word Women (WWW), a subsidiary of, In The Company of Poets
(ITCOP) is pleased to invite you to submit proposals for
presentations, special sessions and panel discussions for the 1st
annual From Womb to Womanhood conference. This newly named conference
will be a place for women and girls to celebrate their beauty, while
addressing some of the issues particular to women and girls of color.

As women, we have to get back to looking out for each other. And as
women of color, it is imperative that we reconnect as sisters, by
focusing on the development of our sisterhood.


The From Womb to Womanhood conference will be designed to identify
problems and seek solutions that are relevant and helpful to young
women about the issues that affect them most. A recent discussion
with participants in the Tomorrow's Girls rites-of-passage mentoring
program, revealed that women need to take young sisters under their
wings, and support them as they continue their journey to womanhood.
This Conference will serve as a meeting place for women of color to
network, build alliances and familiarize ourselves with the wealth of
talented, gifted and uplifting sisters who are available to support
each other, as we work towards wellness in all facets of life. The
Conference venue will be a safe haven for woman and teen girls to
discuss community organizing, violence prevention, safe sex,
sexuality, boundary setting, relationships and consent, and other
topics deemed necessary by experts in the field.


To provide the greatest opportunity for diverse presentations,
consideration will be given to submissions for workshops, forums,
panel presentations, film/video, and performance and visual art.
Submissions must be relevant to the conference theme, goals and
approach. They will promote knowledge, provide information,
strategies, approaches or policies that are relevant and portable;
allowing participants to learn and leave with practical tools that
enhance their confidence and ability to add value to their
communities and individual lives.

Topics for consideration include, but are not limited to:

Intergenerational Activities
Mother daughter relationships
Daughters missing fathers
Physical Health & Emotional Wellness
Peer Pressure
Art & Activism

To be considered, the following information MUST be included:

Position and Organization:
Email and Web Address:
Title of Presentation:
Abstract (75 to 100 words):
Description (250 to 500 words):
Type of Presentation (Workshop, Performance, Panel, Round table, etc.)
Length of Presentation:
Target Audience – (Adult, Teen or Youth)
List of 5 learning objectives for presentation:
Biographical Sketch (not to exceed 5 lines):

May 31, 2006

July 15, 2006

Please send spell-checked articles and materials in TXT or DOC
format, and be sure to please scan any pictures at high resolution.
Submissions may be sent via email, with From Womb to Womanhood in the
subject line to:

Email submissions:
For more information call 215-687-1271 or visit

Postal Submissions:
In The Company of Poets
P.O. Box 25707
Philadelphia, PA 19144


Abstracts will be selected by Wisdom Word Women Organizing Committee,
based on the following criteria:

1. Quality of the idea(s)
2. Clear and concise description of proposed presentation
3. Relevance to conference theme
4. Evidence of the presenter(s) experience with the topic
5. Appropriate scope for the time allotted
6. Completion of all information


Responders to this Call for Papers agree that, if selected, he/she

· Not receive any financial remuneration for participation
· Receive complementary admission to the conference
· Assume all costs for participation and conference related
expenses including transportation, room and board
· Furnish handouts in the quantity needed for workshops
· Permit conference coordinators to use submitted paper(s),
photos, name(s) and any likeness for public/private marketing of the
>From Womb To Womanhood Conference.

NOTE: Author maintains all rights to their work. By submitting
material to Wisdom Word Women/In The Company of Poets, the author
releases From Womb to Womanhood conference presenters and
collaborators from any liability and/or infringement for publication
of his or her material on In The Company of Poets' website and/or any
other marketing services.

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