CFP: Nebula: Generalist/All Topics (7/15/06; online publication)

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We encourage submission of academic articles from any discipline, coverin=
g any subject or topic, provided that the language used is non-specialist=
 and appeals to a wide audience. Unlike many academic publications, Nebul=
a is not limited to a specific school, faculty, or subject.
We are also interested in providing an alternative view to mainstream cul=
tural and political ideologies. As such, we encourage non-fiction, intell=
ectual writing, that does not follow the generic conventions of academic =
writing but which demonstrates substantial sophistication and which may b=
e of interest to a broad audience. We encourage contributors to offer the=
ir political readingsof a particular social/political or military crisis =
current in the world. We are particularly interested in writings that may=
 be deemed marginal or seem to be against the grain of mainstream ideolog=
ies. Our project is to ensure the publication of writing of high calibre =
that may be rejected by conservative institutions. Nebula also accepts =E2=
=80=9Cfree writing=E2=80=9Dthat is not politically motivated, but which m=
ay be attuned to various other cultural, social or artistic concerns (inc=
luding television, film, media or music studies).
Nebula also accepts creative work in any form which can be displayed on t=
he world wide web. Poetry, graphics, cartoons, short stories are all welc=
ome for consideration.
All claims within articles or reviews must be evidenced. We will not acce=
pt hoax or poorly researched material. All submissions must be accompanie=
d by a short letter to the editors which will include some autobiographic=
al information and any institutional affiliations (or brief CV). Please m=
ake all attachments in .doc wherever possible. Articles and reviews are n=
ot limited to any particular referencing style but MUST be consistent thr=
oughout each submission. Contributions intended for the SUPER and nineth =
issue (3.2/3.3) must be received byJuly 15, 2006. Nebula's 3.2/3.3 is a S=
UPER issue whch is scheduled for publication in September 2006. Keep in m=
ind that only the most original, well- presented and well thought-out pie=
ces will be considered for publication. Please email all your contributio=
ns and enquiries to
Also see SPECIAL PROJECT CFP - Open Deadline seeking targeted submissions=

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