CFP: Pulping the Archive (5/1/06, MSA, 10/19/06-10/22/06)

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Leif Sorensen
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Modernist Studies Association 8
Tulsa, Oklahoma: October 19-22, 2006

Pulping the Archive: Uncovering Popular Modernisms

I seek papers that explore the possibilities opened up by extending
definitions of the modernist archive to include the pulp magazines that
flourished in the period. Among the questions that might arise from this
inquiry I find the following to be especially interesting. Can scholars
simply apply methods developed in studies of the little magazines to the
pulps or do the different economic models and audiences of these
publications require an altered methodology? How do the pulps place
themselves in literary history and in the sphere of cultural production? Do
specific publications, editors, or authors develop popular models of
something like what we have come to recognize as high modernism? How does
the active role of pulp audiences in shaping what they read complicate the
commonly accepted depiction of mass culture as a generic product foisted on
a faceless mob of consumers?

Papers addressing any aspect of pulp archival work are welcome. Papers that
explore a publication's cultivation of a "house style", the career of a pulp
editor or author, or the role of fans or fanzines are encouraged.

Send 250 word abstracts to Leif Sorensen at by May 1.

All presenters must become members of the MSA and register for the
conference in order to present.

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